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925 Silver Necklace

Wholesale Custom Silver Necklace Solutions


- Made of 100% 925 sterling silver material.

- Extensive customization options: size, shape, gender and special requests.

- All products are made of nickel-free and lead-free materials, which are colorfast and non-allergenic.

- Sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, conducive to environmental protection.




Blossom - Your Trusted Silver Jewelry Manufacturer & Supplier


With more than 20 years of experience, Blossom CS Jewelry is a leading manufacturer and supplier in the jewelry industry, specializing in the production of 925 silver jewelry.


Blossom provides consistent quality and reliable production capabilities. With advanced production machines, strict quality control, and flexible customized services.


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We provide comprehensive support for OEM and ODM services. Our factory direct pricing ensures affordable prices without compromising on quality.

Comprehensive Customization Technology

There are a variety of silver necklace styles to choose from, including:

>>> Pendant Necklace

>>> Cross Necklace

>>> Heart Shaped Necklace

>>> Letter Necklace

>>> Multi Chain Necklace

>>> Coin Necklace

>>> Cuban Chain Necklace
- ....



Why Choose Blossom as Your Silver Jewelry Supplier?


Customization Capabilities: Diverse customization options and design and development support.

Fast Delivery: Reliable supply chain (7-15 days production lead time).

Customer Support: 24/7 fast response and problem resolution.

Factory Direct Price: Competitive pricing with flexible pricing structure and volume order discounts.

Quality Control: complies with industry standards (CIBJO, GIA certified products).




Best One-Stop Silver Jewelry Partner

We have established long-term partnerships with world-renowned jewelry brands to provide comprehensive one-stop solutions and services.


For reliable silver jewelry and competitive prices, contact us today.

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